Suspension For Him


Elevate your fitness to new heights with the SUSPENSION FOR HIM Program by AGON101®. This cutting-edge program, meticulously designed by elite physical fitness professionals specializing in body shaping, performance optimization, and functional rehabilitation, harnesses the power of gravity and your body weight to redefine your physique and boost your overall athletic capabilities.

Dynamic Strength and Versatility

SUSPENSION FOR HIM Program focuses on leveraging bodyweight exercises with suspension equipment to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This holistic approach not only enhances muscular strength and endurance but also significantly improves flexibility, balance, and core stability. Prepare to challenge your body in entirely new ways, pushing past plateaus to achieve unprecedented levels of fitness.

Customized Workouts for Maximum Impact

Each workout session within this program is strategically structured to target different aspects of physical fitness. From intense upper body routines that sculpt the chest, back, and arms, to core-centric exercises that fortify the abdominal muscles and improve posture, every exercise has been chosen for its proven effectiveness and ability to deliver results swiftly and efficiently.

For Every Fitness Level

The SUSPENSION FOR HIM program welcomes men of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or looking for new challenges to intensify your routine, the exercises can be adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity. This allows for smooth progression tailored to your personal development, boosting your confidence and expertise at each stage of the program. And thanks to AGON101® equipment, you’ll be able to explore other workouts, whether it’s CONNECTIVE TRAINING or with Resistance Bands.

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

At the heart of the SUSPENSION FOR HIM Program is a commitment to promoting physical well-being and preventing injury. The exercises selected emphasize proper form and controlled movements, minimizing the risk of injury while simultaneously aiding in the rehabilitation of existing conditions. Strengthen and rehabilitate your body with confidence, knowing that each movement has been chosen with your safety in mind.

Join the AGON101® Community

Embarking on the SUSPENSION FOR HIM Program means joining a community of like-minded individuals, all dedicated to achieving their best selves. With AGON101®, you’re supported every step of the way with expert guidance, motivational support, and the resources you need to succeed. Your transformation is our mission, and we’re here to ensure you reach and surpass your goals.

Dive into the world of Suspension with AGON101® and witness the transformation in your strength, stability, and overall physical prowess. It’s time to harness the power of your own body to sculpt the physique you’ve always wanted and reach new peaks in your fitness journey.

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