Suspension For Her


Discover the transformative power of the Suspension mode designed especially for women with AGON101®. This innovative program, developed by experts in physical preparation specialized in body shaping, performance optimization, and functional rehabilitation, utilizes suspension and your own body weight to target key areas such as the buttocks, thighs, triceps, and abdomen, sculpting a strong and harmonious feminine physique.

Sculpting the Ideal Feminine Body

SUSPENSION FOR HER Program focuses on toning and strengthening the areas that matter most to women in general. Emphasizing the buttocks, thighs, triceps and abdomen, this program aims to create a defined and balanced silhouette. Through a series of dynamic suspension exercises, you will work every muscle from all angles, maximizing toning and muscle definition.

Workouts Designed for Her

Each workout session is meticulously designed to meet the specific needs of the female body. Whether you want to firm up your buttocks, slim down your thighs, or achieve a flat stomach, this program offers a comprehensive approach. The selected exercises are not only effective but also varied to keep engagement and motivation high, ensuring visible and lasting results.

Adaptability and Progression

The SUSPENSION FOR HER program welcomes women of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or looking for new challenges to intensify your routine, the exercises can be adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity. This allows for smooth progression tailored to your personal development, boosting your confidence and expertise at each stage of the program. And thanks to AGON101® equipment, you’ll be able to explore other workouts, whether it’s CONNECTIVE TRAINING or with Resistance Bands.

Well-being and Self-confidence

Beyond physical appearance, this program also aims to improve overall well-being and self-confidence. By focusing on key areas of the female body, you will not only enhance your looks but also strengthen your sense of strength and personal achievement. It’s a holistic approach to improved health and confidence and respect the integrity of the body.

Join a Community of Strong Women

By choosing the SUSPENSION FOR HER Program, you join an inspiring community of women who share your goals and aspirations. This support network, combined with the expertise of AGON101®, motivates and guides you throughout your journey, celebrating every progress and success.

Embark on the SUSPENSION FOR HER Program and transform both your body and mind. With AGON101®, sculpt the buttocks, thighs, and abdomen you’ve always dreamed of, while building a foundation of strength, well-being, and confidence that will carry you through all aspects of your life.

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