Extra Light Resistance Band

Extra Light Resistance Band

Instructions for use
  1. Seek advice from a physical preparation specialist before using the AGON101® equipment.
  2. Select the appropriate Elastic Resistance Bands for your level and the exercise of your choice from the AGON101® manual.
  3. Carefully inspect the Bands to identify any signs of damage.
  4. Connect the Elastic Resistance Bands to the AGON101® straps using the provided carabiners.
  5. Ensure the assembly’s stability by performing several pulls before starting your workout.
Usage restrictions
  1. Do not use a damaged Elastic Resistance Band.
  2. Do not let the Elastic Resistance Bands come into contact with a sharp, abrasive, corrosive surface or a heat source exceeding 45 degrees Celsius.
  3. Do not use the Elastic Resistance Bands for anything other than sports preparation.
Technical Characteristics
  1. Resistance can reach 15 – 35 lbs.
  1. Perimeter: 2080 mm – Thickness: 4,5 mm – Width: 13 mm
  1. Latex (If allergic, stop using the Elastic Band and consult a doctor)
  1. Store the Elastic Resistance Bands in a place protected from temperatures between 5 and 35 degrees Celsius.

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