Instructions for use
  1. Seek advice from a physical preparation specialist before using the AGON101® equipment.
  2. Choose an assembly in the AGON101® manual.
  3. Carefully inspect the Connector for any signs of damage or malfunction.
  4. Insert the Connector into the designated loops.
  5. Ensure the Connector’s locking pin (movable part) is completely closed.
  6. Ensure the assembly’s stability by performing several pulls before starting your workout.
Usage restrictions
  1. Do not come into contact with corrosive substances.
  2. Do not use a damaged Connector.
  3. Use the Connector only with AGON101® equipment.
  4. Do not use the Connector for anything other than sports preparation.
  5. Do not use to fully suspend oneself. This is not climbing equipment.
Technical characteristics
  1. Maximum load capacity: 462 lbs.
  1. Length: 58 mm – Width: 57 mm – Height: 8 mm
  1. Zinc (If allergic, stop using the Connector and consult a doctor)
  1. Store the Connector indoors, away from water and any contact with sharp, abrasive, corrosive surfaces, or heat sources exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.

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